Growing up in Jamaica

Growing up in Jamaica

Posted by Alescia on Jan 31st 2019

An entertaining, vibrant, colourful culture with roots and rituals dating back centuries. Growing up in Jamaica was magical, and exciting.

mg_4711 Robyn, Old Harbour Bay Jamaica. Norman Wallace Jr Photograhy[/caption]

My yard, in Old Harbour Bay, a small fishing village on the south coast is alive and purposeful, with scents of fruits and sea-breeze... and freshly laundered clothes hanging on the clothing lines.My family perform rituals that are passed from generation to generations. They were not written, only spoken, memorise and practice.  Robyn, Old Harbour Bay Jamaica. Norman Wallace Jr Photography

The care of I O'man, foods, herbal remedies and tonics. Sea, hot spring baths and oiling rituals. Move 'Yuh' body to the beat of the drum.

To be continued.

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