Caribbean Beauty Secrets

Caribbean Beauty Secrets 

"Caribbean Beauty Secrets"

An entertaining, vibrant, colourful culture with rituals dating back centuries. Growing up in Jamaica was adventurous and exciting.

My yard, in Old Harbour Bay, a small fishing village on the south coast is alive and purposeful, with scents of fruits and sea-breeze… and freshly laundered clothes hanging on the clothing lines.

The vegetation was carefully selected to provide the most nutrition to our family.

Bordering the Yard, are coconut trees, moving inwards, mango trees, passion and papaya, lime, oranges, apple, nasebury, cherries and plum… there are mint, vanilla, thyme,and callaloo, and Scotch bonnet pepper, ackee, breadfruit, avocado, Aloe Vera, cucumber, tambourine, jimbilin and hibiscus, cotton, roses Bush and almonds, and spices galore.

My family perform rituals that are passed from generation to generations. They were not written, only spoken, memorise and practiced.

Baths, Oiling rituals, herbal remedies and tonics.

When I was little, my grandmother made coconut oil, from freshly picked coconuts. This was my first beauty Secrets. The process took all day, and when it was done. A jar went into the kitchen and a jar went on her dresser.

She cooked with coconut oil, and she use it on her hair and body.

My grandma had beautiful hair and skin.

Coconut is large hard shell nut/fruit that serves as a complete meal, because it provides fruit and water which is extremely nutritious .

Coconut’s alkalinity help the body function properly as it helps to balance the body’s acidity, this I learned from the villages herbalist.

Cocos Nucifera as a cosmetic ingredient provides anti-aging benefits because of its ability to fight free radicals scavengers. Moisturise and help smooth skin and hair.

My second beauty secret I learned was the the enzymes from mangos helps to brighten the skin. Turning mango into butter provides loads of hydrating benefits.

Papaya is rich in fiber and vitamin C, also a magic fruit, so many health benefits. It is great for brightening the complexion because it’s an amazing skin exfoliator.

To be continued.

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