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Facial Brush


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Electric Facial Cleansing system

Multifunction Brush/Massager with 5 interchangeable heads
Improve your skin condition with this 5-in-1 electric cleanser/massager
Color: Pink/ White

With 5 interchangeable heads for all round skin care
Daily cleansing
Deep clean and exfoliation
Massage function for skincare application and improving blood circulation

Powered by 2 X AA batteries (battery not included)

1x  Crude polish accesory to rip the tough and cutin off. (Low mode only)
1x  Latex soft sponage for eye, cheek massaging.
1x  Make-up sponge to massage and clean your skin.
1x  Rolling massager to make better blood circumstances from skin aging.
1x  Soft brush to clear up all the scurf clings on the surface.(Low mode only)


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